Friday, December 6, 2013

BEYOND CLASS ASSIGNMENT (Lunch and Learn Series1)

Earlier in the semester I attended the Lunch and Learn Series 1. It was about Office 365, our new email system. I learned that Office 365 is not just a regular email account. You can store files, edit work with Word, Excel, OneNote notebook, Excel survey, and PowerPoint in SkyDrive. With skydrive you can upload a file from your computer or flash drive. You can also share files with your peers. Office 365 also has a full calendar app where you can type down your schedule or little reminders that you need. Also with Office 365 you can blog. I know that everyone has a twitter or Tumblr and blogging on Office 365 can be just as fun. Also, while I was there we discussed that RBC club and sports can make a blog. For example, the basketball team, student assembly, and even the students living in the dorms could make a blog for residence students. This would be a good way to get the news out of what's going on at RBC. Also on Office 365 you can modify many settings by setting a different theme and moving the different panes around. There is an about me, you can go to this section by clicking the drop down arrow next to your user name and choose About Me. From there click edit your profile. You can add a photo and contact information. There is also a section, "details", where you can list your skills, schools you've attended, interests, and past projects. In the session we discussed that this can be used for students to find other students that has the same interests as them. We also discussed that if you having trouble with math you can look for students who have math as a skill of theirs and the students could possibly get together to form a study group. If you want to set up your mobile devices.
Going to this Lunch and Learn Series helped me a lot. I learned things that I can do with my email that I didn't know I could. The blogging, I thought, interested me the most because I like blogging and I also have a Twitter. The people from the Technical Assistance Center suppose to be having a second Lunch and Learn Series and I hope to see more of you there.

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